Русская жена 3-1For millennia, people had a sincere belief that marriages are made in heaven. Many people do not get married because they expect and believe that destiny will certainly give them a meeting with their half. The question is: “Does the age of the spouses relation to the duration of their marriage?”. Try to understand and derive a formula ideal marriage.

In China, for centuries, all people had the confidence that you can calculate the perfect marriage, if  you add age of foreigners spouses and divide the sum by five.

In  Russia, the age difference between husband and wife is usually 2-3 years. Most often, in Russian families husband is cheap jerseys older than his wife. In 6 percent of families  age difference between husband and wife is significant.

Previously been circulated marriages between people of the same age. For example, a man and a woman have been familiar since  the school or institution.

In such families, there are many positive IPv4 aspects. These are people of the same age, they have similar views on life, they develop in the same direction. They have common interests and friends. But the big disadvantage of equal marriage is the rapid disappearance of interest to the knowledge of their partner.

But the most stable marriages  are where the older man.

If the man is older than the woman, he is Security more interesting in communication. He has more experience. The older the man, the more he wants to have a family and to мир! procreate. He can responsibly  to  fulfill family responsibilities. He sees life differently. With age, he  changes goals and priorities  in life.

Is considered the most successful marriage, where the age difference of spouses one year. In such families, romance takes precedence over cheap jerseys domestic problems. People in such  marriage are  usually very happy.

If the difference between husband and wife  2 years, then the beginning of inova??o their relationship is usually looks like  a mutual seduction, but this marriage ends by  full cooling to each other.  The same result can be for  a loving couple. But if the marriage has lasted for many years, and the difference between a man and <a title="Why the Russian woman is the most beautiful in the world" href="http://about-russian-woman atorvastatin″ target=”_blank”>a woman  two years, it is likely that this marriage has spiritual communication and full understanding.

If the difference in 3 years, the relationship between a man and a woman are in constant tension. Perfect age difference for a family of four years is considered.

For couple  with a difference of 3 to 17 years the old union will be strong. In such a marriage the spouses support each other.

In the union, where a difference of 6 and 9 years old, there is a constant struggle between the spouses. When the the difference between husband and wife, 7, cheap mlb jerseys 14, 18 years, between them there is a misunderstanding.

Considered ideal marriages where the spouses difference in 8, 16 and 19 years, because there is  a full understanding of the spouses, they complement each other. If the difference of 11 years, the life of the spouses is always unpredictable. They  can have all or lose everything. If for  the pair 12 years difference, their relationship is hampered by distrust. But if the difference is 13 years, the marriage is unstable, and a pair sooner or later  expects decay.

Previously, society believed that the wife should not be ???????? older than her husband. Such alliances society condemned. But today it is considered normal. At the same time, unions, in which the wife is older are  the  most durable. Especially strong family is  where a difference of 5 or 10 years.

Of course, the ideal relationship does not happen. Age can not only help to avoid all the problems and crises that inevitably occur at times. Therefore, there is no perfect formula of marriage. After all, even the most solid, proven over the years the family is disintegrating. Therefore important in family relationships    keep genuine love, and such love  will not destroy the family.



The age difference between husband and wife
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