Русская жена 1-2Purposeful foreign men persistently, but sometimes recklessly, are looking for a Russian wife. Why? Why Russian? They are attracted by their youth, sexuality, beauty, education, tolerance and femininity. Many foreigners have seen Russian an attractive wife of his friend or relative, a friend. Others saw photos of Russian beauties on dating sites. And some Видеокурс came to Russia, were amazed by the huge number of beautiful women, which they saw in the streets of Russian cities. Some foreign men know from other people that Russian women dream of marrying a foreign man and can even be easily accessible. Most often, an foreigner who has a goal to find a Russian wife finds her. Why are they looking for exactly a Russian wife?

1.We have already said that they are cheap jerseys looking for a young wife. In the West, a rare woman 25-30 years, especially if it is attractive and intelligent, will marry 50-year-old ordinary man. Only Russian women will endure difficult character and habits of foreign men. Young European woman marries only coeval, carefully choosing the candidate for a husband. Indeed, any man she does not need. They must solve common problems: make money, make a career, bear and raise children. And when she is about 40 years old and older, and divorce happens, a European woman is sure to find yourself a young lover. She didn’t need more marriage because she needs a new good sex. European women earn themselves and create their fortune . In this respect they are not dependent on men. They don’t have stereotypes, like the Russians, that children need a father. wholesale jerseys Because the most important thing in their life – their interests. Therefore, the usual western 50th man in the West has no chance to find a young, naive, gentle woman. All of this can be found only in Russian.

2 Foreigners men are looking for a sexy woman. Russian young women have a slim figure, beautiful legs and a great natural bust, attracting foreigners. But the Russians women still attract foreigners and domestic sexuality. Russian women are able to listen to a man with a naive, wholesale NBA jerseys trusting eyes. They believe everything he says, because they want to believe. Because they don’t know how to check it out. Russians almost all didn’t live abroad and just believe him at his word. Russian woman doesn’t believe Russian man, but she believes foreigner men. Almost every Russian woman knows how to have charming, sexy chat with a man. She stares into his eyes, often comes into close physical space men. She does not pull away, but instead tries to be as close as possible to the man. During the conversation, she almost touches him. And her charming smile disarms a dos man. At the beginning мир! of dating Russian woman usually in a good mood. She drives a man crazy by beautiful body movements, natural grace, elegance of manners, innuendo, occasional confusion, vague promises of something bigger. Russian women are interested in the affairs and concerns of men. She does not ask questions of concern, nothing asking … As a result, men have the feeling that the woman feels well with him and that she is agree with everything. About her doubts Russian woman usually does not speak to a foreigner. Answers to their doubts, she tends to get on the Internet forums and from girlfriends, not trying to analyze the situation . Russian woman often has poor knowledge of a foreign language, so true thoughts of woman foreigner cannot understand. And her body language is cheating on him.

3. Foreigners are looking for a beautiful woman. And the Russians women really are extremely beautiful. That’s their strongest weapon. Russian woman is sweet, smiling, graceful, elegant. She cares about herself ..4. Foreigners are looking a well-mannered, intelligent and educated woman. Because this woman – this is a business card in a career foreign men. This helps in promoting a woman’s career, which is very important for foreigners. After all, not everyone can move forward in their careers. And Russian woman can help.

5.The foreigners appreciate femininity Russian (Slavic) women. She is gentle, romantic, tactful. She wants to love a man and care for him. She can listen to and give him moral support. Because foreigners are bored emancipated western ladies, like the men, leading a fierce struggle for equality, power and money. Western ladies only have massive claims of man. A man cannot relax at home with a woman because when the western lady decides that he is a failure she leaves him. She has her own priorities: she herself and her welfare

6 Foreigners men like thrift of the Russian women. Unlike emancipated western ladies, they spend all day on household chores: cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning. And she does it all for free, in return asks for nothing, believing that it was her duty female.

7 .What are most attracted to foreign men is infinite tolerance, tolerance of Russian women. She puts up with ugly looks, solid age, inappropriate behavior foreigner. For her no matter what she does not know a foreign language and cannot fully communicate with him. If only he took her to get married. Western woman never does such things.

8 Many foreigners like emotional, heartfelt, warm character of Russians women

9 It is important for foreigners that Russian women need them like a man, not only his money, his status, or sex.

10. Some foreigners looking for something unique in the Russian woman. For example, her unusual hobby, her origin, her unique abilities. helpful site.

11. Some foreigners The want from Russian women only sex, her young body. Such men don’t care what’s in her heart. This happens very often, if a foreign man is not capable to have much various and sensual sex and just БТИ Хабаровск want to have a brief affair with a young beauty. Some foreigners are married and they just want to have a little ” sexy adventure” with Russian beauty during traveling to Russia or online cybersex. .There are a lot of such men.

12. Some foreigners men are looking for a Russian woman as a nanny for his children if he was left without a wife. They need her as a free babysitter for himself, his family or his old animals.

13. Others did not find himself a woman at home, because they could not make a career. They are sick, ugly, have a boring character, greedy, etc. They consider a Russian wife like a great option, because he is not demanding pay .

14. There are mentally ill people (eg, schizophrenia). They often commit crimes in the family. Incredible, but many foreigners who failed marriage with a Russian wife stubbornly trying again to have a Russian wife. You should think and know a person before you decide on international marriage.





Why foreigners are looking for a Russian wife?

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