What type of wife do you want to find 1-1There are different types of wives..

1 Thewifeisahomemaker

This wife needs a man who , after returning home from work , wants to get a great lunch or a delicious dinner. And then he  likes  to enjoy  his favorite men’s affairs , for example , watch hockey or thriller . But he does not plan to wash the dishes , play all night with the baby. Such  man needs a wife who takes care of all the household and children. This woman having fun doing all the household chores . She knows that you think that there are other men , men’s responsibilities. And she will take care of creating coziness and comfort for her beloved husband

2 The wife is  property

Such wife is necessary for you if you are the  man for whom it is important to feel her influence on the people . If you love to take all decisions and often completely independently decide for others. Often these men are very successful and wealthy . But the woman for such men only  main reason to feel their power and influence . This woman does not contradict  to her husband. She   agrees with everything . Woman does not need to take responsibility for  his decisions . But , trying to obey her husband in all , a woman can lose yourself as a person.

3 The wife is  a groupie.

If you are very confident man, you have low self-esteem, the ideal wife for you will be a woman who admires you, praise you. It increases  your self-esteem .

4.The wife is a mother

This wife cares for her husband, not only as a man, but as a son. She prepares for  her husband  sandwiche. She reminds him about important matters, calls, meetings. That is, she does everything that his mother did for him. Such woman is needed if man requires custody and control

5. The wife is a friend.

She helps her husband in everything . He  is also open and helps her throughout. In this family there is mutual respect and understanding.

6. The  wife  is a mistress.

She seeks to command her husband. She all the time devotes himself and his affairs.  She constantly argues with her husband  and wins.

7 The . wife is a  younger sister.

For her husband she  is always the best and the smartest. All deeds and actions cause her husband’s delight. She always listens   attentively to him .He sees how much she likes him.

To find the perfect wife, try to understand what kind of wife you want to see  To do this, look closely to her behavior.



What type of wife do you want to find?
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