How to find a Russian wife. 1-1 . jpgMany men prefer to look for a Russian wife in Russia.

Most Western men are trying to find a Russian wife through marketing services intermediaries. There are agencies dating sites where are the photos of women, their profiles . Women write letters to men. But in fact the case, many of these letters were written by the agency. As a result, very few men find Russian wife  using agencies.  You can not fall in love with a man , having exchanged a few letters with him , because in reality you do not know anything about this man . A foreign men simply indulge their fantasies .

Agencies organize romantic tours  . But many women agree on this tour just to get it for free.

Another way is  acquaintance  through  the social networks. For example, Facebook or Women are active here and go into direct contact. At the same time, there are no corrupt intermediaries. But there are fraudsters who write on behalf of women.

.The problem is the fact that many Russian women do not know English. And you need to communicate with them in Russian. You need to browse thousands of profiles to find a woman who knows English.

It is very difficult. But it is important to understand what a woman wants, as different women have different goals. For a woman interested in foreign men, she must believe that he is serious. Then she wants to give him a chance.

How to find a Russian wife
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