Jealousy destroys relationships  1-1

Jealousy men most often triggered by a desire to please all women. This angers men. The man immediately begins to think that she seeks to find a new partner.
But the fact that the desire to please everyone – it is a natural property of women!
Women achieve this using two methods – the look and style of communication. Gorgeous appearance gives the woman confidence. If she does not look great, it reduces her confidence. If jealous man will ban her innocent ways of communicating in order to attract attention to himself, he will destroy his relationship with her. It might even provoke her rapprochement with those who admired her.

Only selfish man can prohibit to a woman wearing a short skirt and open blouse.

And it is absolutely unreasonable. Because psychological pressure on a woman leads to discomfort for her in dealing with his jealousy . And the man with whom she is comfortable, has a chance to become her new partner

Therefore, male jealousy will not help a man . Male jealousy provokes interest a woman for another man. To get rid of jealousy, a man must stop being afraid that another man will seduce to his woman. Think about it, because if she loves her man, she will not want to leave him , and no one can prevent it or to seduce her. And if she does not love him, man can not hold her . And jealousy only poisons the life of both.
Therefore, to get rid of jealousy, you need to stop seeing the woman in your property. Do not attempt to subdue her. Better treat her as a person. Then your life will be rich with beautiful emotions, positive communication and general good deeds.

Jealousy destroys relationships
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