The jealousy

One man killed his wife because he thought that she had a lover. He was very jealous. What do you think about   jealousy. How do you think? If man is jealous -does it means that he loves  a woman or he thinks that his woman is his  property?

Are you jealous? How do you think? The jealousy helps or prevents  to love other person. How many women  can love one man in his life? If you know that  your loving woman has love or sex with another man what will you do? Will you   kill    your woman or will you  kill her lover?

Maybe you say” Good  luck!” for them.  Maybe will you do something another? What do you think? What must do a man to get rid from jealousy?  What do you think about free love? What the rules of your country about the free love? It is banned in our country but it is here now more and more. The sluts are banned here but there are many sluts in Russia now. Are there the sluts in your region?  I think that the men and the women who sell their body for money are the bottom of the community.  They can infect the others. They sell their body but soul. The women who love her man give him her love and body. I saw American film ” A lovely woman” where the slut is married a rich man but I think this story is a  fairy tale. What do you think about it? I think that  the sluts are unhappy in their private life. Their private life is their work. They cannot have children. If they have children they are ashamed them.  No one child can say that his mother works  as a slut in his school. I think that every person wants to have a very nice love.



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