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I want to speak with you about men today.

I think that  men differ from women by different way. They have the others  purposes, brain and

  1. I will speak about Russian men because I don’t know foreign men.

I’ll speak about “average” Russian man and about  “average” Russian woman. The main purpose of Russian woman is a good husband, good family, good children. She is trying to live family life

and she is trying to help everybody. She applyes to  children of another people  like her children. She applyes  to her husband like a mother applyes  to her child.

The men love their family and children too but it’s not main in their life. The main in their life is work and friends. The men hard work all day . They think that they must bring salary to family.

They like to have rest in family but often they don’t want to  know problems of wife and children. Most of ‘average” Russian men don’t like  the  problems of life. They decide their problems with help of vodka  and lovers. They think that it helps them to forget their problems.

They think that the lover helps to decide family problems. The Russian man often leaves his family because he don’t want to decide problems of family.  And the woman remains alone with her children and she must herself decide problems. The Russian woman has a very strong spirit.

I feel sorry for these women and I respect them. I don’t respect such men. Certainly there are  the others men and women. There are the women who have a man behavior. There are the men

who take care of their family. But it’s difficult to find them in Russia omeprazole 20 mg. What qualities do I value

in men? The external beauty is not main quality for me. My man must be reliable and I must know that he will  never betray me. He must be more  clever than  I and he must have a stronger spirit.

I must know that  when I  have troubles he will  help me.  He must  know  and can more me. It’s not interesting for me to be with stupid and weak man. What are you thinking about “average” man and woman in your country? Can you compare them?


About men
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  • 17.12.2016 at 00:40

    It’s a joy to find soenmoe who can think like that


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