russian woman 6-1-1

I like to listen to music. I like songs of ” Modern talking” ” The Beatles”. One of my favorite songs is song from the film”Titanik” ” My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. I like the quiet tenderly music for my rest. When I want to dance I like the fast easy music. I like the singers :Whitney Houston, Michel Gorge and Elton John. They sing romantic songs. I like the negro blues and country music a lot.
What kind of music do you like? Who are your favorite singers? Do you know any Russian singers? Do you like to dance? I want to ask you: What is your favorite color? I like a blue ,green and yellow colors. When I see these colors the energy of my life is growing. Most of all I like the nature. I like to see a blue sky and the yellow sun and the bright yellow grass

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