about sex. 1-1
Some foreign people think that there is not sex in Russia.hahaha They are wrong.hahaha
I have read that Russian people take the third place in the world when they make sex.hahaha
Russian people are very  hot!!! Hahaha
I like to have only one man but he have to be a very beloved man.He must be an affectionate and generous man. I like to listen to melodious songs . I like a velvet voice of man.
I like to feel the delicate velvet hands of the man, soft delicate lips…and so on……hahaha. I like to feel smell of a strawberry and to watch how is growing and getting up a huge hard mushroom!!!hahaha. I like erotic massage very much but I don’t like when a man has a watch on his hand. They scrape me .hahaha. I like a hot coffee in my bed in the morning
and the biggest strawberry and maybe a hard big banana.?! Hahahaha
I don’t like an iron rude man but I am ready to obey when a man is very delicate and sweet. I don’t like the man’s smell of vodka.
I don’t like men who don’t prize me. But I prize a constancy an devotion of man.
I don’t like accidental affairs. I don’t like a mechanical affair.May be I want very much?hahahaha.. but I have such wishes… And what about you ? What do you like in sex ?
And why I think about it when we have a strong frost now in the street? Hahaha
But I have read that men think about sex all time. Do you agree?


About sex
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  • 16.12.2016 at 22:43

    Thank God! Soneome with brains speaks!


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