about women 2-1-1

I want to tell you my ideas about women and to answer the same questions.

Must one man have one woman or  can  he have many women

I  want to have only one man.  I want to be the only woman for my man. I think that if my man has another  woman he doesnot love me. I’ll leave him.

What kind of women do you like?  Do you like a modest  or  a immodest girl? Must the woman be clever  one or not?

I think that there are different women. For each woman there is  a man. Some  man love the modest women and the other like crazy women. There are the women who like to manage the men. I think that the woman must be crazy in the bed /if her man can do this!/ . The woman must be modest  at work and the woman must obey her husband. I don’t want to have the large switch to operate my man. I think that clever man seeks a clever woman because  the stupid woman is a boring woman for him. The stupid man seeks a stupid girl because he will feel as a fool himself with her. I think that the woman must be nice and sexy. Every woman wants to be good looking for all men. But she must have only one man.

What qualities do  you appreciate in the woman?

I like a sure but not impudent women. Clever but not self-confident! Sociable but not free! Kind and tender and  devoted.

The woman who have a good sport figure.

Must be a complete freedom for a husband  and  a wife?  Maybe they must  observe rules of  society. What is your point of view? Do you like situation when your girl have a flirtation with another man?  What reaction will you have? What role a woman plays in man’s life? What role plays a woman  in you life?

I think that husband  and wife must have freedom but this freedom must have borders. I won’t do anything what my husband doesn’t  like. I’d like that he did the same. Every woman like to have flirt because  her self-estimation rises.  I want to be equal partner for my man. I want that he listened to my opinion and helped me. I want to do the same.

These are my ideas about women. Maybe I am wrong  but it seems to me that such principles of life make my life better.  The woman  can decorate or spoil the life of man. The beauty of face is frequently deceptive. It is necessary successfully to choose. It is a difficult but interesting task for the men. Have you ever met  the woman with nice face but with ugly soul? Have you ever met the woman with ugly face but with nice soul? What kind of women do you  choose from these women? I must finish now.  I want to know your opinion about this situation.



About women
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