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Now I want to discuss other theme- What is the aim of life? Maybe- money -people aim in life?
We live in a materialistic society. People want to possess as much as possible and only have the best. If we buy a TV-set the neighbough buys a better one. If we buy a car
the neighbour decides to buy a more expensive one or even two cars : one for himself and another one for his wife.
If we buy a cottage over the lake , the neighbour looks for the same. And so the frantic race goes on.
It is only in affluent societies that people are obsessed with the chase for money. The money is spent on consumer goods, namely clothes, cosmetics, cars, tools, computers, food, houses etc. People don’t have time to enjoy these
things when they are already thinking of their replacement with a later model. They completely lose their sense of values.
They think that if they possess more their dignity is raised.. Only in old age or when dying do they see how precarious
A balance based only on possessions is.
In poor societies / like in Russia/ people enjoy life. They smile sincerely at every stranger, invite him home, share their joys and sorrows in simple conversations. Their open houses are provided with the ordinary necessary things which
They do not have to guard night and day. So money is a aim of life? Do you agree?
What is your aim of life? Do you agree that money is aim of life? I read in one book one thought. It was said by a great boxer Joe Louis . It sounds like a joke , but at the same time , contains a serious meaning. Here is what he said,
” I don’t like money , actually, but it soothes my nerves go right here.” Maybe he is wrong. I think that there are many things in the world which better than money. Maybe the children are the best. Money is the most talked about matter in the world
. Do you agree with that? I know one English proverb-One who thinks that money can do everything is likely to do everything for money.


Aim of life
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