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Today I want to speak with you about healthy way of life. What are you thinking about healthy way of life? I want to tell you about my opinion.
To prove of healthy way of life, I suppose the cliché is” You are what you eat. ”I think it is right. I eat low-fat food, cut down on fat. I eat olive oil every day which is more healthy for me.
I think vegetables and fruit are my favorite things to eat ,so, all in all, I do eat quite healthily.
I still have some diet: fish, products from milk, vegetables, fruits. I don’t like to eat potato, sugar ,macaroni, meat and vodka. I know many medicinal grass and I use them in my food. They say now that a few glasses of red wine every day is actually good for your heart and lowers
your cholesterol level. I sometimes like to drink one glass of red wine because it decreases weariness. And my mood elevates. But my favorite drink is a glass of orange juice .
Health experts advise everybody to walk everywhere but I like to walk to the forest or near sea. It gives me a good energy. Taking exercise is good though and I try to do morning exercises every day. I like to extend my body as a cat … to jump as a grasshopper….
to swim as a fish.. to run as a little mouse. Hahaha….. Do you like to do it?
I also take quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. I believe in them and I think that’s the main thing. I take vitamin C ,A,E,B and so on. What kind of vitamins and minerals do you like? I think that food isn’t main thing for health. I must be able to have a right way of life.
I try to do it . I have a good relations with people. I am not a nerve woman.hahahaha
I like myself. But I don’t always have a right routine. I like to fall asleep very late because
I have only free time for myself at night. At night I find many interesting things for myself. I sleep a little time.
I know that I mustn’t do it but it is true.(smile)What about you? It is interesting for me to know your opinion.


Healthy way of life
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