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I have a free time today and I want to speak with you. I like to spend my time while socialising with you. I like to know that there is a good person in another part of the world who honestly has communication with me.

Maybe we couldn’t be so honestly with each other if we were very closely. I noted that the the honesty is growing when the distance is growing too.hahaha… maybe it is only joke! It’s interesting for me all your ideas. I take my free time according my mood.
Sometimes I like to sit quietly with book on my sofa. All the books are interesting for me. I like artistic and scientific books.

When I read the books many ideas arise in my head. I use them for my life and my work. Sometimes I like to listen to music.

Sometimes I like to relax. Sometimes I like to do my favourite housework. Sometimes I like to think and then to change interior of my flat. I have a very rich fantasy. Every day I spend much time with my room’s flowers. I have very many flowers at my work and my home. All people are surprised when they see it. The flowers give me a lot of positive energy.
There is also much interesting things which I like to do in my free time.My big energy and my rich fantasy moves me all time to new acts. I never jumped out with parachute, never swam in the sea bottom with aqualung,never rode on the dolphin and never flew in the space . And I hope it will be in the nearest future. hahaha….

What ways of having free time do you have? Can you give me new idea how I can have my free time? Now my free time is finished and I have to go to do my work. hahaha..


My free time
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