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I  have asked many friends: What is love? All of them gave me different answers. Some men  said that love is sex. I think that sex is the nice part of man life. But I think that sex is  the part of love. Many men have  sex with many women.  Can man love many women?  Even the birds and animals choose one bedfellowin spring.

I think that a such man doesn’t love any  his woman. But if they have love they want to have sex with each other. It’s beautiful!  So I don’t like a virtual sex. It looks like to eat artificial  meat. But  sometimes the virtual sex is necessity  for people who don’t have   enough sex in real life.

Some women said me that love is the wish to care of man. Many Russian women love their man like mother who loves her child. They love to feed him,  wash his clothes,  iron his shirts and to soothe him when he has troubles. I think that is the main difference between Russian and Western woman.  These Russian women think that for their man  they must  give him  their soul and body .   I think it is true  for 50 percentage . hahaha

It seems to me that Western women think that they must find the  warm, the  care and attention but they themselves  give a little  these things for men. Maybe I am wrong.  I think that Western women are true  for 50 percentage too. I want to get  the care and attention from my man too. I don’t think that man must be like a child. I think that he must be independent man. There are few Eastern women in our town. I asked them: What is a love? They said that to love it means for them to tolerate and to be obedient    for husband.

I think that they are right  for 20 percentage. hahaha . I see that their husbands not always right with their women. Their husbands respect them  like a mother of their children but they often don’t respect them like women and persons. I can be obedient a little. I think that a obedient person lose his identity.

I think that love is born in the soul of man and woman  .Everybody has opinion about love.


Thoughts about love
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