love 2-1

OK lets talk abaut love

Love, these four letters are beautiful, Every man has 2 hands. there are two characteristics about our each hand. One that each hand has five fingers and there are gaps in between the fingers. 2nd thing is that all our fingures are not equal.

There is a deep meaning in these 2 characteristics, as per me, every person (She or He) need some caring person to hold the hand tightly and fill the gap in between the fingers. I know it is very important to have somebody to hold your hand so firmly that whatever you do he or she will be always with you. this kind of love is very rare and lucky people get these kind of lovely relationship.

all five fingers of our hand are different, that is why i say some people are lucky enough to get good friends and good partner. Some are not lucky. but it is our responsibility to seek good partner. Look at her or him from all angles. All angles is very important See whether she or he is compatible with you. and if you find somebody compatible don’t be late meet her/him and ask her for intimate relationship. finally ask her to hold your hand and fill the spaces between the fingers.

In this age of 20’s and 30’s we always think of romance our love partner and staying together for love and relationship. Internet is the best medium to talk to nice people like you.

Now lets talk about sex atorvastatin dose.

i know Russian women are great but all are not caring and good . Same in western world, there are good nice women who care for their husband. And there are caring husband also. Remembers clapping is possible with both the hands. Its not possible to clap with a single hand.

I have the same thinking as yours. There should be a 1 to 1 Sex relationship. If you mess up with more than one partner you end up getting deadly disease like AIDS and STD. But if you stick to your loving partner, its real fun, But one thing is sure there should be a sex relationship between you and your spouse. otherwise life is worthless. we should enjoy sex with our partner. some says its boring to have sex with your partner for years. But i think if you explore your partner in a deep way  you will experience better sex life throughout your life. After certain age of life, sex is not required there you require a firm support from your partner.


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What is love?
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