men and women 2-1-1

Well – that is a `tall order` (a complex question)…ie, to understand women (and men).

Let`s get down to basics again. Whenever you wish to understand anything, always try to get down to basics. The basic template!

Why were women created? To have babies of course. That is their prime function. Primitive woman would have had no other function..but to get impregnated, carry a child, give birth, and rear her young (the same as any other animal or primate does).

So nature made her attractive to men (so that men would strongly desire to mate with her). A woman in her `prime` – (round about say 20)….. is a walking `man-magnet`. A bait. The female of all species is made `attractive` just to attract a male to mate with her.

This is why the female sex has many facets – she is – first and foremost – a `mother` before all else.
So what traits should a successful mother have?
She should be `tough` – after all, she has to be strong, to see the upbringing of her offspring to maturity.
She should be `tender` – so that she loves her children and has a natural deep desire to give them tender loving care.

She should be patient – as the rearing of young always requires lasting patience.
.So this is a woman`s nature. The fact that the world also gets the benefit of her kindness, gentleness, patience, strength, sexiness `by the way`. The attributes were given to her by nature to ensure healthy and successful offspring. But the world also benefits from a woman`s nature. Men too – tho her motherly instinces were not for the men, but for the baby.

Soooo – what about men?

Again, look to the basic template.

What are men designed for?   What did nature want them to do above all? What is their purpose? Their function.

If a woman`s main purpose is to have babies, then she needs a man to impregnate her……………so this is mainly what men were  made for (to impregnate women).

So a man (in HIS prime) needs to be sexually virile.  He must also have a `working order` injection function/method  – this is his penis!                 He must also `feel` attracted to the female of the species, and `be` attractive to HER    .

If male and female did not feel sexually attracted to each other – the human race would die out.

But this is not a man`s sole purpose.   Nature intended the man to help the woman raise `their` offspring More Info.

To this purpose he should also be strong, strong enough to go out and bring home some food – be it a sabre-toothed tiger in prehistoric times, or wages in modern times (modern wages are the equivalent of caveman bringing home some meat).

Man should also be aggressive…because for thousands of years he had to protect the woman (protecting his offspring too, via the woman).   He was also meant to help to provide some sort of abode for his family.

So a man should be strong, aggressive, patient, ingenious, and brave.

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Women and men
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