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Happy lovers have a happy relationship. Learn how to please a woman.

My friends are smart, funny and beautiful. But they do not have an ongoing relationship and often ask me why I am happy in a relationship with my boyfriend?

They believe that to create and maintain relationships – it’s too hard work. Do you feel the same way?

Is it true that it takes a lot of effort to please a woman?

What do love partners for a happy relationship? Why are they happy with each other?

I will reveal to you the secrets of creating and strengthening relationships.

It is the secret of a happy relationship.

Happy couples do not make an effort to save the relationship. Instead, the happy couples are enjoying their relationships.

.If you are really in love with your girlfriend, look for ways to please her and not seem like a casual man  for her.

Love and relationships – it is trial and error. Sometimes you need to experience to understand the opposite sex better.

If you want to please a girl, you have to learn to love  and understand her needs and wishes . In bed! In sex! And everywhere.

If you make an effort to make your girl happy, she will also make an effort to make you happy.

How to please a woman emotionally?

Tip 1.

As a woman, I can tell you that everything begins and ends in our head.Whether it’s sex, love, or any actions. If you want to please a girl, you must start with an understanding of what she thinks she feels that in her mind and heart. Always put yourself in her place, to understand her.

Tip 2.

.All the girls think it is disrespect, if a man looks at other women when he is near her. Even if it’s just a quick glance at the other girl. It bothers and makes her feel insecure

Tip 3.

Make it so that she felt herself special woman. Reckon with her opinion. Do not take decisions on its behalf. In everything that you do when you are with her, listen to her suggestions and let her know that her opinion is important to you.

Tip 4.

Longer communicate with her and tell  her what’s on your mind. Everyone loves to talk about himself. More talk with her ​​about her own life, her work, her plans for the future and that she did during the day. Share your thoughts about everyday life.

Tip 5.

Play an active role in the life of your girl. Take a genuine interest to her life  and help her make the right decision about something.

Tip 6.

Take part in its implementation of her plans and goals in life, if she asks you for help. When you help she will feel more secure in her future. So you can let her know that she can always count on you. Itisveryimportantforawoman.

Tip 7.

Give her always a helping hand in difficult times. Please support your girl when you are with her. Offer her  himself own hand. And do not think twice before offering your  help. She will be grateful to you.

Tip 8.

Try to surprise her.

Pleasant surprises make her happy. If you want your girl felt loved and comfortable with you all the time, learn how to create magical memories that cause her smile .Do not forget your special days, such as your first meeting, first kiss, first date. Besides, you can always come up with a new reason to create an environment of joy and celebration.

Tip 9.

Always protect her!For girls there is nothing more important than to feel secure.  Every girl wants to meet with a guy, near which she  can feel safe. Pay attention on to her needs and always be ready to help her.

Tip 10.

Be gentle with her. Maybe as a guy you can feel uncomfortable holding hands or exchanging occasional touches. But for a girl the touching a close friend or lover is very important. They strengthen the relationship and let you feel more meaningful and loving. Hold her hand when crossing the street or sitting in a cafe, touch it from time to time for any reason. Let her know that you want to keep her hands in your hands.

Tip 11.

Be gallant. Chivalry, perhaps was in the past. But men knights always highly sought after in the girl’s eyes. Let your girl  see that she is the most important part of your life. Let her feel like a princess when she is with you. Give her your attention, often indulge her. She will definitely be happy with you.

Tip 12.

Respect her. Then your girl will love  and care about you.She will think that she is lucky to you. But she would be unhappy in a relationship, if you do not respect her and her opinion. Respect for all people is one of the main aspects that give us the confidence and sense of life.

Tip 13.

Always forgive her. Be aware that girls are more touchy than men.  If you want to please her, let her feel loved and special when she is with you. And do your best to make her happy.

Do you really understand your  girlfriend and respect her opinion?

You do go to her for advice and help?

If you want to please your girl and see her happy, learn to treat her with respect.

If you cannot respect your woman, your chances that you will have a happy relationship vanish.

Be serious about her ideas and listen to what she wants to tell you.

In the end, there’s no better way to please a woman  than to let her know that you have great respect for her and her thoughts.

Only after your understanding  the ways on how to please a woman emotionally, you’re ready to become a better  lover and a better man for her.

Tips for men : how to please a girl
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