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Alina,It’s always great reading your thoughts.

Well, when I was younger, about 13 and below, I went to a private boys school. There were a lot of rich kids who had nice gadgets, nice cars with their own drivers, and a nice house. I wanted the same things that they were enjoying. I was envious. I couldn’t help it because they show-off their cool stuff.

But when I attended high school in the same University I attended college, people were much simpler. They are content with who they are and what they can really afford. I learned that I could be happier with the company of good friends who live the simple life. Of people who don’t judge others by the clothes they wear, or by the size of their home, or by their popularity in school.

Since then, I wasn’t envious of people richer, popular, and powerful than me. I try to live my life, in a simpler way. I treat my friends with outmost respect. I may live in a bigger home than them, drive my car and they don’t, be popular and well-respected in school, but I am still the simple friend they knew. I help them rise up to be a better person in ways that I can.
If you want an opinion from me, I think that the richer people are more envious than the average and poor people. The rich and powerful tend to look for more, while the average are contented with what they have.

Your conclusion about good people look for good people is quite applicable to me as well. You see, most of my friends are good people. I easily connect with people of good heart. I know this is the same for you. If you say that I am a good man, well, you’re a woman of substance and good heart.
You asked if I had enemies and how I handle them. Well, I meet new enemies in the road when I’m driving . It’s quite frustrating driving around the metro coz there are lots of undisciplined drivers who don’t have respect for traffic rules. How I handle them is another story .

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I don’t like envy
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