Alina,you are a delightful woman, and you engender in me very friendly feelings.

I think that what you call white envy we call ambition.  A certain amount of it is healthy, but too much is not.  I think it is better to have ambition to do great work, rather than ambition to be recognized for it.

Personally I have little or no envy, but I have experienced it from other people.  Who would I envy?  Perhaps Einstein?  Mozart?  Renoir?  Gary Kasparov?  It seems more suitable to me to admire and perhaps emulate those with great achievements, rather than envy them.  As to material things,  I have more than enough.  I live in a large house, but a small room near the public library would be enough to satisfy me.

Once when I was young I went out to a New York City singles bar with a few of my male pals.  Around closing time, an attractive young woman I had been chatting with invited me home to her apartment.  Subsequently one of my male companions seemed quite angry.   I was astonished by the extent of his agitation; it almost seemed that the good fortune of an obviously underserving man such as myself was a sign that something was seriously amiss in the cosmos.  This was the most obvious case I have experienced of sexual envy, which I think is the most common kind of envy among men.  Perhaps it has a biological basis.  The males of every species compete for the right to reproduce, and those with less success keenly feel their failure.  When you marry Alina, you will be entitled to ask me whether I feel envy toward your new husband, or just admiration for his success and good judgment

As to how to deal with enemies, that is a difficult subject.  When I was a child I was bullied by other children, and eventually I learned that sufficient force is the remedy.  When I began to inflict more pain on them then they did on me, they quickly decided to leave me alone.

For enemies within my own family I would try to follow Jesus advice to turn the other cheek and love them, if that is at all reasonable.  Intra-family feuds are the saddest of conflicts.

If someone was my enemy because I had wronged them, I would first try to make amends before I considered them an enemy.

If my enemy were implacable and too powerful, it might make sense to escape them.  The interesting film “Nowhere in Africa” tells the story of a German Jewish family that escapes death my migrating to Kenya before World War 2.

For enemies in the office the best thing to do is keep careful records of all matters that could be disputed, and try to avoid dealing with them without neutral witnesses.  Until recently I had such an enemy in my current job, but fortunately she has now retired.  In fact all the enemies I have had in the 14+ years of my current employment have left the company.  If I had used witchcraft, the results could not have worked out any better.

Someone once said, “revenge is a dish best served cold” omeprazole online.  In my case the thirst for revenge is rather lacking in my nature.  I can imagine killing someone in self-defense, or even as a matter of justice.  But I don’t think I could maintain a deep anger for very long.  In the case of Osama Bin Laden I might volunteer for the firing squad, but I would also say a prayer for his twisted soul.

It is unusual to meet a woman such as yourself, Alina, who combines high intelligence with a warm and friendly personality.  I feel quite fortunate that you have chosen to be my friend

  Drake  USA

My opinion about envy
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