We must not always dismiss these `strange` things `out of hand` – in this world, there is mostly  a reason for most things that happen……. although them having a reason does not always justify them, or make them necessarily `right` or `wrong`.       Many things in this world and many thing we humans do, are done for deep, subconscious, and imponderable reasons.

We should always keep an open mind, and always be prepared to listen to other opinions and to change our mind if the other person persuades us that they are right after all. This is the best way for us to learn, and to expand our understanding of the world, and to continue to increase our wisdom.  A closed mind will never expand.

Cybersex of course, will never replace real flesh to flesh sex, and was never meant to do anyway.

Cybersex is `interactive play-acting` or `role-playing`. You are playing a part like an actor.

Why do we watch exciting fiction in films, or television? or read exciting stories?    It is because we `put ourselves` in the position of the actors.   For a short while we enter into the film, and die with the victims, and win with the heroes.   It is a way of getting excitement without getting really involved or hurt or in serious trouble! It is called `vicarious entertainment`  –

Cybersex has its  place in the scheme of things like any other vicarious entertainment .

There are many lonely and sexually frustrated people in the world.  For instance, someone`s wife may have died………and now they are living alone and cannot get sex, and are lonely.   But maybe they are still very sexually virile – and in truth they need sex…….their body actually needs it – cos sex is a natural and healthy need and urge. So what can they do?

Many lonely people like this( sometimes  married !!} `jerk off` ….masturbate….just to get some degree of sexual relief. Cybersex is just another way of getting relief – a little better than just jerking off all alone in your lonely life, because you have found someone to interact with. A touch of human company, if only a distant  vicarious one.

Cybersex is not to be confused with the real thing , nor with real love.

Real love and Cyber love need to be seen for what they are, two different things – but both useful things and both serving a purpose.



Now next question…

Why don’t people seek alive people in their country? Why they

seek a virtual partner in the other country? I think that love can

only  give  happiness for person.


Usually because they can`t find a `live` person in their own country!      If a guy is working in a lonely area and job from morning to night, and he does not get much social life, and doesn`t get to mix with people very often………..he might find it impossible to meet someone in his own town or country. He is simply too busy trying to earn his living.

But he does stand a chance of meeting someone in another country via the Internet…cos he can meet them anytime when he can get on the Net from the convenience of his own home in his little spare time.              It does not mean to say he is lacking in some way. Many happy relationships have been found and formed on the Net, and have moved on to become real time relationships. It is just another simple way to meet people.

It does not always work of course. But then, neither do real `normal` relationships


Love is a strong feeling when person wishes happiness

for another person more than for himself. If the one person seek

benefit for himself he doesn’t love his partner.

Many people cannot love because they have a

very little soul. So they have a lot of sex and they think this is a



Sometimes sex is just sex.  It is not always connected with `love`.   Having simple sex can be a healthy type of therapy. Our bodies need sex. It is a natural requirement of a healthy body.

Perhaps more for a man than for a woman – though these days there are also some women who just want sex without love.   It are usually married women who are very lustful. They want more sex in their life.

They like  mutual masturbation with another partners. They  like to show themselves and to watch   to  the other people .

It is nice to have both – both together….if you are lucky enough to find it.   Sex AND love. But it is not necessary.

Sometimes we just want a good SEX to relieve our sexual tensions………………..and there is nothing wrong with that either!!



Cybersex for you

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