russian love,

russian love

First of all, it feels good to hear from you and I am very glad that you have ask me all this questions.
I don’t actually know what love is, but I think that love means to cherish, to comfort, to hold, to be
there is time of trouble, to look after each other and not the one looks after the other one, because it
takes two to get in bed, and do you they feel like doing. So love is a big word to use, because I had a
girl friend and I asked her many times if she have loved me and she said yes and when I ask her what
is love, she did not have an answer for me. I think love is this great big feeling people have when they
want to have sex, because the young boys here fools the young girl to have sex with them and before
doing that, they first ask the question if she loves him and when she say yes, he tells her to show it by
having sex with him. Sex is great, but it is not love, it is this warm feeling down here that just makes
you want to have sex with this girl and when you had sex with her, things start to happen in your life
and there are many changes, like you think of this person the whole day, you do things the wrong way,
you are not yourself, you miss her like I was missing you, because that person becomes a big part in your
life omeprazole 40 mg. It is true what you said about western women, because here the ladies like to get a lot of attention, but
when the man are in need of attention, they just leave him wondering, what in heavens name did I di to this
girl to deserve this attitude that this girl is giving to her. I think that love is a big development in processing,
because you never stop thinking about being close to the girl you love and always think about sex. To men, sex
is a really big part of a love relationship, because we think about it 365 days a year and to us that is love and
love making. Love is this feeling that I hate most of the time, because just when you get close to this girl you like,
things start falling apart. Love is also like having a pen pal, because when you first start writing to each other,
you have to get to know one another and then you start missing each other. Sometime you wish that you can just
be with your penpal for just one night and experience the real feeling of true love, but it don’t come to you like
you think it would come.
Love can be difficult when you like a person a lot and never get to be with this person. I love only one partner,
because then you and your partner can both decide what their needs are and the things they like and dislike.
It is not the man only that must decide about things, because sometimes the women’s judgments are better then
the mans judgments. Men think only with one thing. I am honest with you, because I am starting to feel lonely
and I don’t like that feeling, because it makes me feel very miserable. I met a lady and she gave her home address
to me so that I can write to her and I don’t know what to write or where to start. She stays very far from me and I
would like to know her better, because she told me that she is lonely, or single, so now I don’t know if I will be able
to get to know her better, because I am not so cute or so handsome like she is, because she is very cute indeed.
Pen pal France

Love is this great big feeling

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